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About Our Pharmacy

Rolseth Drug is a local pharmacist-owned business who care about the health and wellness of our patients.  We focus on your overall wellness and health.  We can transfer your prescriptions today, as we just call your old pharmacy and get the information over to our pharmacy.  Its that simple. 

At Rolseth Drug, our state-of-the are computer software can make sure you pay a fair, low and consistent price, especially important for those with a high deductible plan or no insurance.  Add free delivery every to the Forest Lake area, and you can use a local, private pharmacy instead of the big box chains.  We get to know you on a first name basis! See how we can impact your health and pharmacy need today!

Our Pharmacist Tom Haas, was raised in the Forest Lake area.  With his wealth of knowledge and 45+ year experience in pharmacy, he understands the industry and insurance companies well enough to advocate for affordable, appropriate medications for our patients.  He will also take the time to ensure everyone has access to a pharmacist for any questions or concerns.  We are working hard to build a unique healthcare experience that get you the medications your need, at a low cost, conveniently. 


Jim is the owner and always willing to stop and say hi to customers as he steps in and out of his store. 


Tom Haas has worked at Rolseth for 48 years and  been a pharmacist for 43 years.   He continues to work and serves his customers everyday!


T.R. started working for Rolseth Drug in 2009 and been helping out ever since.  He is the designated "vaccine" guy, so if you are due for one stop in today.

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