Covid -19 Antibody testing

Covid-19 Rapid antigen Testing

We are starting to offer Covid-19 antibody testing here at Rolseth Drug.  This test will test for covid -19 antibodies telling you if you have had a prior infection.  This is a blood test that will take about 15 minutes.  The cost of the test is $50.00. We will give you the codes that you can submit to your insurance yourself.    It will be done here in the pharmacy.  If you are interested please book an appointment with the link below. 

We are starting to offer Covid-19 15 minute rapid Antigen Tests to test for a current infection.  This test will test if you have viral proteins, which are highly specific, meaning that if you test positive, you are very likely infected.  However, there is a higher chance of false negatives with antigen tests, which means that a negative result cannot definitively rule out an active infection.  If you have a negative result on an antigen test but have a recent exposure to Covid or are displaying many of the symptoms you may with to take a PCR test to confirm your result.  A PCR test looks for the presence of the virus's genetic material.  PCR tests are highly accurate, but can take days to a week to get the results.  This antigen test is most accurate if you are symptomatic and within the first five days of symptoms.  This test will be a nasal pharyngeal  swab (swab the back of the nose) and costs $99.00.  We will give you the codes to submit to your insurance.  If you are interested in booking click the link below.  PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR, and call the pharmacy.  These tests will be performed in your car. 

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